Visual Inspection - Junior Officer


Associate, 1+ Years


Pharmaceutical and biotechnology

Employment Type

Full Time


Visakhapatnam, AP

Job Responsibilities

Why Patients Need You

Our breakthroughs would not make it to the hands of patients without our pharmaceutical manufacturing team. We rely on a team of dedicated and agile members, who understand the importance and impact of their role in Pfizer’s mission. Patients need colleagues like you who take pride in their work and always look to improve outcomes. You will help to ensure that patients and physicians have the medicines they need, when they need them.

What You Will Achieve

As part of technical operations, you will be a team member who is relied to have a good understanding of procedures, techniques, tools, materials and equipment. Your decision making will help you prioritize workflows based on the available resources. You will follow standard procedures to complete tasks, some of which may vary in scope, sequence, complexity and timing. You will contribute to the team’s success by sharing your previously acquired knowledge.

It is your hard work and focus that will help in making Pfizer ready to achieve new milestones and help patients across the globe.

How You Will Achieve It

  • Maintain personnel hygiene while coming to office and entering in working area
  • Beware of and always adhere to change room procedures
  • Check for proper housekeeping in his/ her area and follow all time audit readiness practices
  • Receive and maintain the daily consumables
  • Operate the Automatic and manual Visual Inspection as per the procedures and execute the batch according to the BMR
  • Perform the cleaning of the inspection booth and all equipment’s as per procedures
  • Lux reading must be taken before performing the activity as per the procedures
  • Perform the inspection, segregation and labelling as per procedures on Automatic inspection machine
  • (Bosch/ Eisai), leak detecting machine (Nikka/Wilco), semiautomatic inspection machine (Maschinpex), Manual inspection booth and APK
  • Achieve the desired output in lines as per shift, week, monthly and yearly target assigned
  • Issues  to be escalated to higher authorities immediately when identified
  • Accountable for area and equipment upkeep
  • Perform the cleaning and sanitization of area and equipment as per procedures
  • Handle waste and rejects as per procedures
  • Hand over the shift at the end of shift and to take charge of the shift
  • Coordinate with cross functional department and participate in preventive and breakdown maintenance of equipment and machines
  • Attend shift Communication meetings and Improvement projects meeting
  • Generate new idea for workplace improvement and lookout on implementation
  • Active involvement in increase in Efficiency and effectiveness programs in departments
  • Follow procedure for proper material movement from SFG area to Inspection area and from inspection area to SFG/FG area with proper status label
  • Handling of rejects generated in process with proper status labelling
  • Attend office as per shift schedule and maintain attendance as per requirement, leave shall be preapproved (Except medical issue or emergency)
  • To complete inspector qualification and re-qualification activities on time without overdue and ensure to not involve in any activity if validity is crossed
  • Complete all site specifics trainings and global trainings assigned in to do list as per requirement
  • Follow proper material and product movement in area pre-inspection and post inspection
  • Perform loading and unloading of product on machines
  • Part of continuous improvement meetings and add necessary inputs for improving efficiency and compliance
  • Documents the defects observed during inspection process properly in forms online and accountable for handling documents in area


    Pfizer is an equal opportunity employer and complies with all applicable equal employment opportunity legislation in each jurisdiction in which it operates.



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